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Nightfurries by 95JEH
I am not dead!! whohoo!!
Nope I am still alive!
and I am so happy with this, and it's finally done!


Baby nightfurries, I don't have any names for them yet, but I just know that it's Toothless' children. 
I kinda see them use to the cold, because they are born at that time. Because it's cold and it's dark, making it easier to, hide :3 

I hope you like it!
At the beach by 95JEH
At the beach
This clip is from a story that me and a friend of mine are working on. 
One and the Same
I am only saying this: it's a bout twin sisters ;)

I am very happy about how the boys turned out 'giggle*
Been a while since I last posted something on here... sorry! 
I am on a comic, I hope I will get to upload some pages soon :3
The time passed sadly to fast as the morning arrived to soon for the boys. The sun was shining through the windows and reflected into Felix’s eyes, whish hurt a bit as he opened them. Slowly he rubbed his eyes and looked out. “Morning already?” Carefully he went out of his brother’s bed, which was sound asleep. Felix walked over to Jared’s desk, to find the school’s number, so he could call them, and tell that Jared were terrible sick. Since he was in no condition to go, because of the new wounds.

Felix found the card number inside a textbook; he putted it into his pocket and went downstairs. Christopher was already sitting inside the kitchen, to drink his morning coffee and read his morning newspaper. Felix weren’t happy when he saw his father, and rubbed his behind, remembering what happened yesterday. He didn’t want to talk with his dad about what happened. Before he sat down, he started to prepare breakfast for both him and his brother. Some eggs, that actually didn’t had cracked shells in the pan, four slice of bread into a toaster, and made some bacon. He was getting better in making breakfast and just food in general. Before he finished up the last few things for his brother, he took some on his plate, poured milk up in a cup and sat in front of his father. Not saying a word and just started to eat slowly.

“Don’t you have anything to say, to me?” Christopher said and slammed his newspaper on the table beside him, making the young boy jolt in surprise. He stopped moving around with his fork on the plate, slowly looking up. His father was apparently still angry with him.

“I’m… sorry…” He said, not that sure for what, but guessed it must, had been for yesterday.

“Sorry for what?”

“For talking back… and swearing at you…”

“That’s right! If you ever do again, I will use the belt, and use it on you as you have seen me doing it on Jared! Is that clear!?”

“Yes, sir…” Felix said defeated and shivered a little. He didn’t know if he should continue eating or ask permission to go and get ready for school. Be he had to ask his father for something else. “Uhm… uh... Dad…”

“What?” Christopher snapped.

“A-about Jared.... can't he rest for couple days until the wounds are healed? I don't missing school and fall behind with our studies… but..."

Christopher looked at his youngest son. “I promise I will make sure that, he gets his homework and make them.” The father sighed deeply and looked at the young boy.

“All right. You can call the principle, and tell him that Jared are sick.”

“For how long?”

Christopher didn’t know the answer to that. He had been so furious at his oldest son, he hadn’t really thought about looking at the wounds. “Whatever is necessary, for your brother.”

“Yes sir.”

He took the last sip of his coffee and looked at his son, with a glare. “I’m telling you this once.” Christopher said showing one finger. Felix looked into his eyes. “You are both grounded for another four months. You’ll come straight home from school. Do your chores. Do your homework before I come home, from work. Understand?” Felix nodded softly. Christopher found it odd, that his youngest didn’t even protest. Maybe it had helped yesterday, letting him watching his brother getting a beating and then himself. But he wasn’t so sure.

“Make sure you answer my phone calls.” He stood up from his seat and threw his plate into the sink and took his bag as he went out of the door. Felix sighed relieved, as the monster was gone. He took the preparation of the breakfast to Jared.

Felix, pushed gently to the door, so it got opened, just as Jared started to yawn. Jared felt good for a long night sleep without any disturbing’s, but as he stretched out he fast felt the pain from the beating the day before. He laid still as he flinched. Laying flat on his stomach. “Ow…”

“Morning… Jared.” Felix said gently and walked to him with the tray.

“Oh hey…Felix… good morning.” Jared gave the looked at his baby brother making sure that he was all right. And wondering if something had happened downstairs.

"What?" Felix looked at his brother. He placed his hand on his face. "Something on my face?"

"Uh...n-no...nothing.." Jared still looked at Felix with worries. "Umm...did he… say
Anything to you?" He whispered, not wanting to risk anything.
"No... just some scolding...he has given us four months grounding…and our usually chores and homework has to be done before he comes home. But he also gave me a permission to call your headmaster and tell him that you won't attend school, we have to figure out for how long..."

"That's strange..."
"It's obviously that I didn't say anything that'll make him angry. So, how many

Jared moved a little and wrinkled his nose as he lay back down. "I think a week…
but won't that be a problem for you? I mean, you have go to my school and get my make up homework."

"I can handle it... it's nothing...." Felix held his brother's breakfast plate. "Toasted bread with butter, fried eggs and bacon." Jared held his plate close to his lap and held his fork. He just remembered he accidentally chewed eggshells. He didn't want to hurt his brother's feeling so he gave one bit on fried eggs. He closed his eyes and gave small bite.

 He blinked several times when he didn’t taste any of the egg shells inside the fried egg. It was delicious.
Felix gave annoying expression on his face. "I don't make same mistake all the time. My cooking has improved for the last few weeks during your sick days, thank you very much."

"Thanks...." Jared blushed. "But... the problem... how are you going to avoid Valerie? I mean she goes to my school and have same classes as her. along with those bastards..."

"I’ll find the way... beside I won't there where Valerie is." Felix picked up telephone and dialed Jared's school principal’s number.

"Hi, this headmaster speaking."

"Hi, this is Felix Stephenson. Jared's little brother... he won't be coming to school since he's sick.... probably for two weeks or so."

"Is that so? is he alright?" the headmaster asked with concerns.

Felix didn't know how to reply. He never thought headmaster would care about his brother. "He got some fever and a cold."

"I see... I’ll tell his teachers he'll be absent. Are you going to pick up Jared's make up homework?"


"Jared is lucky to have a good little brother." the headmaster chuckled. "Okay, see you this afternoon then."

 Felix sighed as the headmaster went off the phone. He then placed his phone back into his pocket. He turned and looked at his brother who know had fallen back to sleep.

Felix sighed and got ready so he could go to school. Not wanting to be late.

Through the day, Valerie had tried to come in contact with Felix, since she hadn’t seen Jared all day, and she knew that their dad was home again. But somehow… the little boy didn’t want to talk to her… something was wrong, and she wanted to find out.

But… her gut told her right now to let them be, and speak with her parents about the situation they were in… maybe they knew what to do? Beside, they liked the boys.

In the evening, Valerie sat the dining table and ate with her parents. Not really eating, but she poked to her food gently.

“Is there something wrong dear?” Valerie’s mother asked her.

“Hm? Oh no… sorry, nothing is wrong.”

“Are you sure? You know you can tell us sweetie.”

“It’s that boy, isn’t it?” Mike asked and took a zip from his glass of water.

Valerie nodded and sighed. “I… I’m worried for them…”

Mike shared a look with his wife and nodded softly. “If it means a lot to you, you may get off table and take a visit.” Valerie looked a bit surprised. “Go on. Before I change my mind.” The young girl got up from her chair hugged her father and took her shoes and jacket on.

She ran to the house as fast as she could. There was something wrong. She could feel it in her stomach. It was dark outside, only the lights from the streetlights could you see. She ran fast as she could to the little house. Catching her breath, she was looking at the windows. The curtains were covering the windows, so you couldn’t see what was going on, she only saw a few movement shadows, slowly she went over to the front door and knocked on it.

Christopher ran to the door, sweating, shirt hanging out of pants, his pants wide open, and you could see he had just pulled them up in time. His breath smelled of alcohol, making Valarie wrinkle her nose.

“What do you want?” He asked drunk.

“I… I cam here to see, Jared.”

“Oh you did, did you?” He glared suddenly and looked inside. “Jared! COME HERE!!” He screamed.

Jared heard his father and pulled up his pants fast and walked to him, taking a deep breath and dried his eyes. “Yes dad?” He gave wide eyes. “Valerie…” Jared whispered.

“Tell her to fuck off!” And with those words, he walked back into the living room.

Jared, stood in front of Valerie. He had a split lip and was now shaking, his legs looking at her with begging eyes, hoping she just would leave. “Please go… There is nothing you can do. You just make it worse…” His voice was low and a hash whisper.  You could see he was in a great pain.

“Jared…” She gasped and covered her mouth. “Please. I can Help you.”

“JARED!!!” Christopher screamed.

Jared jumped in surprise. “You can’t. Bye Valerie.” And with hose words he closed the door, as the young woman heard the torturing scenes. Fast thinking Valerie decided to pick up her phone to make a call.

“Hallo. Police? This is Valerie. I want a man to be arrested for child abuse.”
Get through life - Chapter 29: Valerie
Oh oh? What is going to happen next!?
thank you so much to :iconhotoritanasakedj: for her amazing help and a lot of work to make this story into a comic :D 
Littlefoot And His Mother by 95JEH
Littlefoot And His Mother
here they are :3 
I love how the colours and details came out ^^
hope you like it too! :D

Baby littlefoot with his mother by 95JEH
Baby littlefoot with his mother
Happy late Mother's day ^^;
I will be colouring this one day! but I just wanted to upload it, and I know it's late, but better late then never, right? ^^; 

hope you like it :) first time I really drew them 


95JEH's Profile Picture
This is me:)
love to draw, read, write, swim, computer and friends^^

Current Residence: Kolding
Print preference: HP
Favourite genre of music: Soundtracks, pop and a little rock
Favourite style of art: Disney (of course others too)
MP3 player of choice: IPod
Shell of choice: IPhone 4
Wallpaper of choice: many thing
Favourite cartoon character: Jim hawkins, Lion king, Ariel/Melody, Belle, Kayley, Tiana and Bambi.
Personal Quote: If people say that you must be a different person, don't listen to them. Be yourself
I wish you all a wonderful christmas and great new year!
I know I got some great things happening to me ;)
And bet same will for you!

Enjoy your family time on christmas evening and christmas morning :D <3 <3

things to do new year:

- Start on my new education - Mediegraphic design. (yes! Just got a call, I am accepted!)
- Be done with request (I'm sorry for you people wait so long T_T )
- Redo drawings
- Work on many of my fan fictions story (hopefully be done with two of them)
- Work on my story - Get through life (I bet it will be done)
- Work on mine and :iconiranaa:'s book Whisper of the sea
- Pay off my scooter
- Save money to move out 

phew long list!

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